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Base station:

● Based on the 4G technology of OFDMA;
●high spectrum efficiency, high bandwidth;
●double antenna transmitting and receiving;
● high covering a distance of 20km-35km;
● high receiving sensitivity;
Standard frequency: 336MHz-344MHz ( 400MHz-430MHz   566MHz-592MHz
1785-MHz1805MHz optional or customized according to customer requirements )

Handheld terminal

Handheld multimedia command terminal, can transmit the real-time video image and voice digital trunking and support the satellite GPS, and supported with GSM dual-mode, with water, sand, falling three functions, terminal multimedia powerful, rich interface.

Multimedia terminal

Multimedia digital trunking terminal integration of multimedia digital trunking dispatch function, video processing technology, GPS technology, odometer positioning technology and automotive technology, is suitable for various vehicles, modern emergency dispatch and management information. Compared with the traditional cluster vehicle terminal can be compared, in addition to the traditional functions, also adding a video transmission for vehicles, to provide a more secure, more reasonable visual, intelligent centralized, wireless cluster scheduling management, vehicle management for wireless communication, a distress alarm, decision-making wait for multinomial operation and management services.

The individual equipment

Soldier type field terminal is an audio and video transmission equipment, with high capacity battery, high gain antenna, simple and reliable use, provides the following functions:Broadband access network connected via broadband base station: implementation and command center of Ethernet Broadband connection.Wireless audio / video transmission: collected into PTJ803 audio / video signal, encoded by the wireless network transmission to the EasTone command in the command center platform system, multimedia audio and video image display.Trunked intercom and point to point communication in one.

Information terminal

Dispatching platform

The company independent development of new integrated communication system, integration of voice, video, data, positioning, instant messaging and other business, with a variety of wireless broadband and wired network as a means of access, a fusion of traditional telecommunication business, the cluster scheduling operations, according to business or industry demand, provides the voice, video, data, positioning, instant communication and other business, and these operations to achieve integrated dispatching.

Repeater station

Repeater station is mainly used in cellular coverage area, the building shadow, corner, indoor away from the window area covering blind complement. For compensating type repeater application scene features, has small volume and light weight, waterproof, easy installation, low requirement of antenna isolation characteristics. For flexible applied to various indoor, outdoor environment.Another product reserved amplifier interface can be extended to the extended wireless repeater, expand the coverage of the base station.