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SB3500 Introduction

The SB3500 is fabricated in a 65nm LP process. It integrates an ARM926EJ-S core and three Sandblaster® DSP cores. Each of the three DSP nodes supports 4 hardware threads. The SB3500 is suitable for developing products with software defined radio technology; these three DSPs have the capability to meet 4G requirements such as LTE and WiMAX and handle baseband and high performance tasks, it can be used for satellite positioning location and image/video processing too. The SB3500 integrates RF interfaces (up to 240M samples/sec throughput), an LCD controller, USIM, smart card, USB, camera and other peripherals to support low power, cost effective solutions.

SoC Architecture

3 Integrated Sandblaster Extended (SBX) 2.0 DSP

-4 Hardware threads per DSP node
-32KB I-Cache
-256KB D-Memory
-Wide Vector Unit - 256b
-16x16b Multiplier 9.6 Billion MACs per node @ 600MHz Operation

High Speed Network (HSN) Interc-onnect

-Point-to-Point Ring


-16KB/16KB Cache
-32KB/16KB TCM

65nm LP


● Multi-thread
● Low Power

Sandblaster® Development Kit

Based on the SB3500 chip and the Sandblaster® IDE® LeaP series development board Sandblaster allows clients to accelerate productionProducts development and listing. SBLeaP-1800 contains a SB3500 chip edition, it offers processor verification and softDevelopment, test environment. It integrates Flash and DDR memory, and connected to the third side of the RF module interface.

SB3500 Blade Unit Board principle block diagram and resources

A SB3500 chip
The purpose of expanding the 32M× 32bit Mobile DDDR SDRAM
width is 16bit 1Gbit Nand Flash
The purpose of part USB
The purpose of the ARM926EJ-S simulation debugging interface JTAG and DSP simulation debugging interface JTAG
The purpose of power, crystal, reset circuit
The purpose of the external interface
The purpose of mechanical positioning

Product introduction

Sandblaster ®IDE is a complete development tool, make development engineer in SB3500 using the C language to writeProgram. The IDE combines a highly optimized C compiler, debugger, simulator, and user friendly interface.Sandblaster® IDE can Microsoft Windows ™ 2000, XP and Vista under the operating system.

Sandblaster tools:

The workbench is the desktop development environment.

The Workspace

Wimax data card

At present with the following bands data card, to respectively support in civil, public security fire, troops and other users of the application:
1, WMO6000:1785~1805MHz;
2, WMO1000:336~344MHz;
3, WMO8000:400~430MHz;
4, WMO9000:566~592MHz;
5, WMO7000:540~560MHz;
According to the Mini PCIE Card WiMAX data card industry standard, as a low power consumption, small size of the terminal module products, can fully meet the insert subscriber handheld device and long time work demand, can also be used independently.

GPS receiver module

GPS receiver module, it is an open platform based on OST3500 DSP,. The operation of GPS generally requires a separate SANDBLASTER core to complete, the other two increased nuclear to extended wireless standard connection and ( or ) media, such as video recording and playback. The current configuration of hardware and software can provide the functions listed below, but the platform is not limited to those listed items. This table lists based on the OST3500 platform products highway and flexibility. Based on the OST3500 platform has another key advantage is that it can be programmed to repeat; it can enhance system stability, using software update statute.OST3500 unique properties and this software platform enabling flexibility, as long as you can imagine, it can help you solve.

The GPS module platform key features:
Commercial L1 satellite C/A code GPS GPS receiver with high sensitivity and acquisition of superior performance of the cold start receiver hardware and software realization of the physical layer protocol;
Active antenna and receiver combination;
Try W-VGA resolution image capturing capability and position velocity time capable of marking;
Hardware support for a wide range of video capture and video streaming;
LCD interface can be used to navigate the map and video playback;
A plurality of data acquisition channels, additional PVT marker data, including the unit normal;
ISM band transponder downlink interface, real-time telemetry to correct the error:
GPS in the payload format NMEA position;
JPEG encoding of the temporal marker image payload;
Multiple data acquisition channel payload;
Battery status indicator data;

Fully integrated receiver hardware module includes:
OST3500 multi-core multi-threaded, DSPSANDBLASTER and ARM9;
1GB FLASH memory, used to boot loader, O/S, stack, physical layer, ephemeris and almanac data; 512 MB DDR memory interim results, image processing, a temporary storage;
Data and control interface, from the GPS receiver chain RF transceiver and data;
Data acquisition interface, including CCIR656 cameras, U/ART, SPI, I2C, GPIO;
Sandblaster DSP JTAG interface and ARM9
;Please contact to the regional representative of specific provisions or requirements.

Module circuit diagram
GPS module interface:
Connector 1:
The 6VDC power
UART1 data transmission interface;
storage access;Real time voltage of the battery
In the SB3500 for 4 GPIO pins
Connector 2:
Bidirectional SPI data interface
Connector 3:
Processor JTAG is connected with
;Power on reset and processor of SB3500
master reset;Connector 4:
24-pin CCIR656 compatible video interface;
Connector 5:
Digital GPS baseband data - magnetic, symbols, clock
This platform for application is scalable, it requires these OST3500 interface:

Parallel flow data: there are four kinds of 16-bit interface, in a double data rate mode ( data on interface clock rising edge and falling along the transmission or receiving ) running, this model can make the data under the control of DMA OST3500 data memory and an external device ( for example, it runs between the IQ transceivers for transmitting baseband data plays an important role ).
- the internal landlord / from the controller with SDIO interface
-CCIR656 and 10bit camera interface, data synchronization, clock, configuration files compatible with
-24bit data, clock synchronization, configuration files and LCD interface supports external display module
-SMCI interface: OST3500 static memory interface peripheral devices on the extended address, data and control
- AC-97/I2S codec with external interconnect serial interface
-PS2 interface: for PS2 equipment 2-bit clock and data

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