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4 points image transmit system

With the economic development and social progress, the public security industry encountered many new problems and new situations. When faced with the growing demand of society brought new challenges, especially the disposal of public safety emergencies, such as: the riot / rebellion / fighting / rebellion, cult activities, terrorist events, to split the nation, major criminal, traffic accidents, plane crashes, train derailed, passenger ships, civil explosive articles and distress dangerous chemicals accidents, bioterrorism events, serious acute poisoning, major diseases and sudden epidemic and public safety emergencies, this to the traditional work patterns and information processing methods brought about a severe test. Therefore, further enhance the dynamic environment, maintaining social stability and effective response capacity of emergency services, and construct the harmonious society is the necessary demand.Public security work is a mobility, emergency, emergency, confidentiality and strong industry, the relevant departments and personnel needs real-time interconnection with, including a flat level coordination, leadership, staff report indicating, mobile monitoring and emergency command, needs a set of wireless broadband voice, video network system to solve the problem. In view of these, Wuxi de electrical science and technology limited company with many years of experience in research and development, the international most advanced OFDMA based on the 4G technology to realize the wireless digital broadband point-to-multipoint bidirectional transmission system, implementation of science and technology and security work closely, enhance the public security organs in dealing with sudden public events, maintaining stability and security security work ability and level, can be for local politics, economy, culture and sustainable development and create a harmonious and stable social environment.

System structure:

1, integrated receiver
2, bear type s four ( or vehicle terminal form )
3, monitoring platform software
Police point to four point image transmission system comprises a remote command center, field command center and the individual system terminal.

In general, emergency communications the car near the scene, the car has a command personnel on-site command, agents can also use four sets of soldier system, will be the site of the four video image in real time to return to the car, the car for the communication field command reference, issued a directive.At the same time, through the use of the relay satellite ( support communication in moving, static in the communications ), 3G or other wireless network form, can make the site to the remote command center, the upper level command personnel can remotely command, issued a directive.

System function:

1, a live video monitoring

The user can flexibly switching live video footage, convenient, quick display video picture. Point to point control, multipoint control and other control mode;
1) with real-time access to emergency scene video image features;
2) to support the DV camera and other video input, while supporting multiple ascending concurrent video;
3) support for audio and video stream data according to set rules for storage function;
4) having image capture function;
5) has a remote playback function, searchable playback. And support play, pause, stop, rewind, slow, slow retreat into fast forward, fast forward, back, back end, single frame, single frame forward broadcast control function;
6) has a command vehicle and individual between the two-way voice call function;
7) support integrated monitoring platform GPS real-time positioning function;

2, vehicle system and command centre interchange (optional )

Through the use of the relay, satellite, 3G networks form can put the site to the remote command center,To use the 3G network to realize the vehicle system and command center exchange as an example:
1) car units configured a VPN dialing function of 3G server
2) the command center of the IP network configuration of a VPN server, open the stationary distribution of IP VPN server function;
3) through VPN dialing mode, through the 3G network, telecom IP network, in the radio and the command center of the VPN server to establish a transparent IP pathway.

Equipment and terminal

1, integrated receiver

Vehicle mountable receiver is a completely independent intellectual property rights of technology, high spectrum efficiency, point to multi point full duplex digital transmission equipment.Antenna double transceiver, can improve the coverage distance, improve receiving sensitivity.

2, individual terminal

The principles of system design

1, the system construction goal

●adhere to a high starting point, to ensure the system's advanced nature and international counterparts in the leading position.
The implementation of the " practical, stable, advanced " principle, in the practical application demand for the design basis, to the development of informatization construction of planning as a guide, to ensure that the system is highly integrated, overall optimization, safe and reliable, steady progress.
The system fully consider the function expansion and technology upgrade, compatibility, extension, to adapt to the rapid development of information technology requirements, in order to achieve the best price performance ratio.
In view of image monitoring and commanding the development trend and the actual conditions and requirements, the video monitoring system selection should follow the following principle: the advanced nature, practicality, integration, scalability, convenience, safety, reliability and economy.
●management command center using emergency wireless image, sound movement transmission apparatus to the image and sound transmission to the monitoring management center. Emergency command center on the site were observed in real time, command, in order to know about the situation on site coordination command.
●system having multiple pictures, voice real-time storage, image compression quality settings, video search and playback, GPS positioning and tracking, video settings, remote image display, real-time monitoring.
●equipment with lithium battery equipment to meet the electricity needs, if used for a long time to take into account the spare lithium batteries.

2,characteristics of the system
●Point to multipoint ( set of video transmission, voice, data, GPS positioning in one ) upload real, full duplex system.
●from the terminal to the base station are the realization of the software radio solutions, to meet different customer customization demand (such as different frequency band selection ).
The excellent characteristics of air interface data encryption encryption, support, and to provide third party encryption port.
●with satellite ( Communication in moving, static in the communications ) and 3G public network interconnection.
●telecom product, applicable to a variety of field environment.
The system has the advantages of simple operation, convenient on-site rapid deployment.
3, a typical application

Command vehicle based on the actual situation of the unit to use custom, below are some customized template, for reference only.

If there is a sudden event occurs, the wireless mobile command vehicle can quickly rushed to the scene to nearby, mobile wireless image soldier enters the scene, can be in barrier environment and complex in the fast moving directly to the accident scene, each individual can put the image, voice, GPS information at the same time in a wireless way transmission to the command vehicle, the commander can based on the field image directly command or by the command car 3G device to image transmission to a remote command center for the leader decision-making.

4, application mode

Vehicle placement integrated receiver and antenna equipment, individual staff with the car arrived at the designated location after the front off more images back to the command vehicle, and the command car with two-way intercom.